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We wanted to break “medical language barrier” between doctor and patient. important medical information should be presented in a language that is clear and easy to understand so that patients fully understand their choices and decisions. In the end, it is the patient who must make critical health choices.

About us

We believe in the future of medicine will be dominated by new patients seeking important information on the Internet – and that this will bring a new kind of doctor should help patients assess the quality of the information. committed to assist both parties in their search. is a collaboration between physicians committed, health care professionals, information specialists and patients who believe that medical practice should be based on quality information is assessed and, where possible, on the basis of the principles of evidence-based medicine.

In addition to creating content that is written for health professionals that the same patients respond to user questions and concerns about public health issues.
Our editorial independence and reliance on professional advice is our most important asset. There is a clear distinction between editorial and business staff. As a matter of policy our doctors, authors and editors should not be affected or liable to sponsor or our advertisers. We follow the same standards of practice as a leading medical journal. funds its activities by advertising, sponsorship and content syndication with a variety of selected commercial organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, information service providers and publishers of electronic and other print media. None of the funding source provider have any editorial control over the content, which developed independently and are guided only by accepted medical opinion. All material published on the website of assigned directly by health professionals.

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